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Residential Home Exterior Powerwashing

Are There Any Tricks to Residential Home Exterior Powerwashing?

In most cases, residential home exterior powerwashing in Tisbury, MA, is quite straightforward. First, a detergent solution is blasted onto the walls. If needed, the process is repeated to get the surfaces extra-clean. Finally, a rinse may be applied. Rinsing is most commonly done if detergent residue will be unacceptable, such as just prior to painting.
There is one "trick" that should be kept in mind for most residential home exterior power washing, and that is to avoid spraying upward at the wrong angle. Improper spraying can drive water between the rows of siding, and this is to be avoided in order to prevent rot. Fortunately, high quality professionals are aware of which angles are acceptable and will avoid this mistake.
Another thing to avoid is spraying against the direction of shingles, or spraying shingle roofs at all. Like with the siding, this is to prevent water from getting where it doesn't belong.

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