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Patio Cleaning Service

When to Hire a Patio Cleaning Service

Typically, services are hired for exterior cleaning when normal household maintenance isn't enough to do the job. If you've tried sweeping and mopping, and your patio tiles or wood decking still look dirty, it's time to take things up a level. A patio cleaning service will have the tools needed to do this.
Pressure washing is the go-to method for cleaning patios, especially those that are made of tile or stone. For wood, pressure washing can still be used, but typically, it will be at a lower power and use detergents that aren't as harsh. This is simply because stone or tile are tougher materials than wood.
If a stone or tile patio is too dirty for simple pressure washing to work, a stronger chemical solution may be applied first as a soak. This can often lift grime that regular cleaning methods will not.

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