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Full Building Exterior Cleaning

What is the Best Way to do Full Building Exterior Cleaning?

In most cases, pressure washing is the best way to clean a building. Top-notch machines allow a powerful stream to reach two or even three stories, so the operator can stand on the ground to do the work. Ground-based work is preferred even if you hire a service due to the lower chance of injury and associated insurance issues.
Even so, ground-based pressure washing isn't always the solution. If your building is too tall, one or more stories' worth of scaffolding may be required. Even so, pressure washing is usually the best bet.
If a building is in an industrial area and has become extra-grimy, then it may need pretreatment with powerful solvents. These may have to be scrubbed on so that there isn't any danger of splashback. After this treatment, the walls are often rinsed with a pressure washing system to finish the job.

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